16 June 2012

Masters of German Art: Hans Holbein by Stephanie Buck

This is a very nice book, both because it has many large, high quality pictures, and because it's a very interesting read. It chronicles Holbein's life from his formative years to his death, as you would expect of any biography. There's also a number of short essays on related subjects like printing, the reformation, and Henry VIII, spread here and there in the book. It's not exactly oversized, but it's still a good sized book - I only wish it were a bit thicker.

As I already mentioned, the images are top notch. I sadly haven't seen any of the paintings in the flesh, so I can't vouch for how faithful the reproductions are in terms of colour or value contrast. But they are all obviously proffessional level photography, clear, sharp pictures that often fill the whole page, sometimes even with full bleed details. Aside from Holbein's paintings and drawings, there are also art by related artist and pictures illustrating the time period.

All in all a very nice biography books with lots of pictures in it. Well worth it if you're a Holbein fan!

Masters of German Art - Hans Holbein
Stephanie Buck
Hard cover with dust jacket, 140 pages
paper quality is the kind of nice glossy paper you'd expect in a full colour art book.
ISBN: 3-8290-2583-1

PS: this portrait is just too good.

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